Zombie Deer Hunt combines elements of “tower defense” and first-person shooter gameplay. Players must stop wave after wave of voracious zombie deer from crossing the forest and jumping the farmstead’s fence. The rich 3D forest environment sets the tone for the game and provides a unique element of 360° gaming. Peering down from the treetops or hunkering close to the ground, players must find a line-of-sight that isn’t obstructed by dense fog or branches as they pick-off their flesh-hungry targets. 

“It is the connection of the mobile game to the physical world that makes this game so different than what’s currently on the market,” said Nathan Kroll, President of Current. “The virtual 3D environment can be anchored to almost any surface in the real world. Players can move around and snipe at zombie deer from all sides while the herd continues its relentless advance, making Zombie Deer Hunt one of a kind.” 

To a zombie deer hunter, antlers are legal tender. Players must rack up “antlers” to advance to more difficult levels and to upgrade their weapons. A vast and multicultural array of armaments is available, including the rudimentary longbow, pulverizing shotgun, slicing/dicing shuriken. No antlers? No problem. Certain upgrades are also available through in-app purchase using your credit card. 

Zombie Deer Hunt utilizes the latest development in augmented reality accessibility: User-Defined Targets (UDT). Before gameplay begins, users are instructed to find a detailed surface such as a magazine cover, which they can then scan to establish as an anchor for the game’s 3D environment. This system is part of the Vuforia software library, developed by Qualcomm. UDT provides greater accessibility for gamers, as they don’t need a specific trigger in their hands to experience the game. This is a huge jump from previous systems that required glyphs or pre-programmed images, and opens up a variety of options both in the gaming world and beyond.