Vogue Magazine
“Shore Leave” Fashion Editorial
November 2015 Issue

The cliffs of Cape D’Or in Nova Scotia were the setting for a fashion editorial photo shoot with Vogue Magazine at the end of this summer. North Six, a New York-based production house, reached out to Current Studios to provide local production support on this high-end project. We jumped at the opportunity to host such a world-class team as Vogue Magazine in our neighbourhood.  With only days to prep before fashion editor Camilla Nickerson and photographer Mikael Jansson arrived, we quickly assembled a team of local professionals to help us pull off a two-day marathon of photographing stunning fashion and scenery.

The creative approach called for a remote location and magic hour light, so we travelled over two hours into rural Nova Scotia, where Parrsboro, the closest town to our location, played host to supermodels Karlie Kloss and Dylan Brosnan. Pre-sunrise call times and harrowing drives down miles of dirt road to reach our location were how we started our days, but when the sun came up behind distant Cape Split, it was obvious why they chose this Nova Scotia locale for this shoot. After shooting around the Cape D’Or lighthouse, the second location was at nearby Cape Chignecto to grab the sun setting behind our models as they strolled along the remote, rocky, cliff-lined beach.


It took an incredible team of production and camera assistants to pull this off and Nova Scotia was indeed up to the challenge. Our crew, equipment and accommodations were top-notch and greatly appreciated by our out-of-country guests and often our team received praise for their professionalism and willingness to do what was needed to not only get the job done, but also meet all of the needs of such a world-renowned team.

Check out the November 2015 issue of Vogue Magazine to see more about this unbelievable shoot.