You can spend quality time reading Disney stories with your little one using the Storytime Theater Projector.

Download the companion Storytime Theater app and place the included Press 'N Play  disks on your device's screen to unlock a fun story your child will love. After the story finishes, the projector transitions to soothing music and a starry night sky projection. The automatic shutoff prevents you from disturbing your little one when he or she is still falling asleep.

At Current we built an iOS and Android version of the app, including the story content, multi-language versioning and the in-app purchase functionality.   However, developing the app was only part of the challenge with this project.  Writing the communication software between the App and the Projector was a critical part of this product's success.   

The Storytime Theater projector is sold by Tech 4 Kids and is available in Walmart, Toys R Us, Kmart and Target.