This application’s primary function was as an educational sales tool for representatives of Boehringer Ingelheim as they sought the endorsement by medical professionals of their new product, Respimat, a fine-mist inhaler.  The goal was to show off Respimat’s unique offerings and inner components using augmented reality.  The application allows reps to demonstrate these features with a 3D model of the inhaler that can be manipulated and explored through interaction and expanded upon by way of animations that break the inhaler down into its base components.  These animations were paired with educational voiceover explaining the design and function of each component and why that feature sets Respimat apart from other inhalers on the market.  

Being a fine-mist inhaler, Respimat offers the competitive advantage of medication being distributed evenly throughout the respiratory system.  This feature was demonstrated with an experience showing an augmented reality pair of lungs and bronchial tubes with the medication being emitted from a 3D model of the inhaler and spreading throughout the lungs, providing quick and effective relief.   This visual representation of Respimat’s unique offerings provided a useful tool when educating medical professionals.  

The app was made in both French and English, allowing the sales force of Boehringer Ingelheim the versatility of bilingual sales pitches.  It was also accompanied by an educational animated video embedded in the app for further support and information.