PepsiCo’s Creator Team is a catalyst group on a mission to explore the edges of culture and co-create innovative experiences across the cultural landscape. 

We were asked to create interest in PepsiCo’s Creator Team as they look to hire the next marketer of the future.

Our approach was to engage Wi-Fi hunters at the Northside Innovation Festival in Brooklyn, NY in a search for PepsiCo’s next cultural curator.


We set up Wi-Fi hotspots called “Curious?", and challenged users to a cultural quiz about jobs of the future (designed by our friends at Mashable) for their ticket to the web-surfing party. The reward was a chance to apply to PepsiCo’s Creator Team, and of course, free Wi-Fi for the rest of the festival.

30% of festival attendees were curious enough to access the hotspot, and 61% of those people took our quiz. 

And a Mashable article reinforced the program’s messaging, helping to position PepsiCo’s team as a job of the future with over 420K impressions and 3.6K social shares. The program brought in over 100 unique applicants for the position, and the article outperformed standard Mashable BrandSpeak articles by 13x.


Click below to take the quiz.