The Make Safe Happen program aims to empower caregivers through tips and resources to help make their homes safer for children along with educating kids to make safer decisions in fun and engaging ways. The goal of the program is to deliver a memorable, fun experience with quick and easy tips to help protect what matters most, children.  


Educating the public on the #1 cause of death among children in the U.S, accidental injuries, can be a sensitive subject and not a very exciting one in the eyes of a child. However, give them an iPad and suddenly, you’ve captured their attention. The use of interactive iPads throughout the Safety Experience keeps children engaged throughout the Tour.

Holding the iPad up to a wall decal of Nate the Eagle, triggers the experience to begin. Visual cues of Nate jumping from the iPad to three large screens directs visitors’ attention to each interactive safety tip.  Each “room” focuses on its own particular safety challenges and as visitors traverse the vehicle, they are presented both physically and virtually via the iPad, which tracks their location in the truck via iBeacon technology.

Looking at a staircase filled with toys in the living room, visitors swipe the toys off the steps and place them in a bin where they belong. The game-like quality of the iPad technology makes learning these safety actions fun. Moving the iPad toward an actual TV triggers it to wobble reinforcing how an unsecured TV can be hazardous to children.

In the bedroom, kids launch an interactive fire escape plan game via augmented reality to trace the path out of a home floor plan. 

After each experience, victorious sounds erupt from the iPad as visitors receive a thumbs-up from Nate and earn a badge, positively reinforcing kids to continue their safety behavior long after they leave.

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This mobile tour experience was fully equipped with all the hardware needed to create a truly engaging and interactive experience for consumers of all ages blending the digital and physical world.

Two wireless networks, using Bluetooth technology and working on separate frequencies, were installed on the vehicle to power the following technologies:

  • 22 iPads setup to be situationally aware (connected to Gimbals)
  • 3 Interactive Screens that interact wirelessly with the iPads
  • 6 Animatronic and IoT (Internet of Things) equipped props
  • Augmented Reality
  • 10 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) proximity sensors including four Gimbal location-based beacons
  • 15 minutes of animated interactive digital gaming and guidance

At the outset of the experience, children accompanied by their families, are provided a Nationwide Make Safe Happen branded iPad featuring a completely custom and native application and are invited into the branded semi-truck which mimicked an average home layout, to learn how to Make Safe Happen.

On the screen they are introduced to Nate the Eagle, Nationwide’s mascot, their tour guide throughout the Safety Experience. This illustrated and animated iPad application guides families through all six experiences inside the rooms of a “house,” educating them along the way on safety. Using over a dozen BLE beacons, each iPad is connected to rooms within the truck and the elements in each room.

In addition to the iPad app, green-screen technology is used outside of the vehicle to quickly generate a souvenir photo for guests with encouragement to download the free Make Safe Happen app.


The program launched April 26th, 2015 in West Hollywood, California and has since traveled to eight large scale family-friendly events in eight states across the country for a cumulative 29 event days.

  • 11,843 visitors have toured the vehicle
  • 93% agree that this experience will help them and their kids make safer decisions
  • 94% agree that they would recommend this experience to children

The comments and the outpour of support and gratitude from tour guests toward Nationwide have been incredible:

“This is fabulous and informative and Nationwide is doing a great thing!”

“This was very well put together! Anything that involves an iPad; kids will pay attention to.”

“My kids are teens now, but I learned things about things that weren't issues 20 years ago like flat screens tipping over.”

Lastly, perhaps most unique about this educational outreach tour, Nationwide did not collect leads or speak about insurance. This is strictly a cause marketing program and one that has proven to educate thousands on the steps to take to make their homes safer.