In the Man of Steel Experience app, users must choose a side in the struggle between Superman and Zod as the last son of Krypton decides whether to ally with his ancestral home or his adopted one. Users can proudly display their allegiance by burning their chosen crest into their environment using augmented reality (like graffiti tagging without the clean-up). Users are promoted to place their chosen emblem on a North American map. This allows users to see everyone who has used the app in their area and weigh up which side has the most support across North America. Whose side are you on? Superman or Zod?

Further, using GPS validation tied to the geographic locations of Wal-Marts, users receive notifications on their mobile device of available content as soon as they step inside the store. This method is designed to drive traffic to retail locations and has proven very effective across North America as it enriches the shopping experience. Users are guided to scan point-of-sale signage throughout Wal-Mart stores to unlock 3D models of Kryptonian ships, which they can explore and interact with using augmented reality. Unlocking at least three of the ships rewards the user with the opportunity to explore the inside of a Superman’s scout ship. Users are placed in a 360° 3D environment which they can then look around using the gyroscope in their mobile device.
Users can pose for photos with characters from the film, customize with exclusive photo borders and then share on popular social networks or email.