By now, you’ve all heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge.  However, have you taken the Fire Chi Challenge?  Well, if you headed to the Toronto Zoo or Fan Expo in Toronto in late August, you could have put your skills to the test to save the heroes from LEGO’s Legends of Chima from the icy grasp of Sir Fangar and the Ancient Hunter Tribes using your smartphone or tablet.  

Enthused patrons were able to scan 3D sculptures of four CHIMA characters; Laval, Eris, Cragger and Fluminox that were placed around the Zoo and Expo in an interactive scavenger hunt experience.  Doing so allowed users to blast at the augmented reality ice tombs that were trapping the characters in order to free them.  Once the characters busted out of the ice and brandished their weapons, users were able to pose for a photo opportunity with their favourite character.


The fun wasn’t limited to the events, though.  In Master the Power, users were able to experience the power of the Fire CHI and Ice CHI as they blasted at their surroundings and took photos of the explosions happening over a live video feed.  In Puzzle Play, users try to beat the clock as they flip, turn and rotate 3D bricks in the LEGO Chima slide puzzle.  Exclusive Content with video clips from the CHIMA TV Show and more fun were also available in the app, allowing users to engage further with the characters they had just free and learn more about their stories and the world of CHIMA.

This experiential marketing event was a big success - creating buzz around the brand and engaging with fans of the LEGO CHIMA line of toys. Next, the interactive experience will be rolled out in Toys ‘R’ Us stores across the country and in the LEGO Club Magazine, increasing the reach of the app and allowing more people to take the Fire Chi Challenge.