Our new open-plan office was designed to encourage collaboration, foster creativity, and provide a place where our team can feel relaxed and at home while they work. We realized that we are anything but desk-jockeys and the work we do requires a space where people can talk, gather, work together, or alone and essentially move around. 

We replaced office cubicles with huddle spaces, boardrooms with pool tables, closed doors with glass walls, all with a view to encourage better processes. However, this raised a certain challenge. When we were expecting visitors to our new home, it was hard to predict where anyone would be at any point in time. 

So, we decided to put out a challenge to our development team: to create an app that would alert anyone in the office when they had a visitor. Think of it as a virtual secretary, or a digital butler, a front desk app. We found that the existing applications available in the market tried to do too much, didn’t meet our needs, or were clunky in their functionality.