Jive with Current

What is Jive?

Jive is a method whereby Current Labs integrates Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and other immersive experiences into existing iOS Applications for clients.

Who wants to Jive?

Attracting new users can be a big undertaking for new applications in an ever-changing digital landscape.  They say, “If you build it, they will come”.  But what if they’re already there? If you already have an established user base, and don’t want to create an entirely new application but rather want to improve your digital offerings with more immersive experiences, then choose Jive. Using existing user information and behaviour, we can work together to take your applications to the next level by creating immersive virtual reality experiences for smartphones, add another dimension to print designs with an augmented reality scanner or offer fun and exciting tailor-made games to meet your existing user base’s needs. 

How to Jive

 Working closely with your developers, Current Labs will provide a fully-built immersive experience that will slot neatly into your existing framework and tailored to your users.  Each Jive project will be customized to your needs.  The size and load time of your app may increase, but the experiences we provide will make it worth the wait.

Does this Jive?

 There are a few technical requirements in order for your app to Jive with us…

 It needs to:

1  Target iOS7 and up.

2  Support targeting the armv7 Architecture.

3  Support building against C++ Standard Library libstdc++ (GNU) as opposed to the XCode default libc++ (LLVM).

For our streamlined integration procedure, the existing application must not duplicate symbols in the project such that it will build correctly with Other Linker Flags -ObjC -all_load.

 Let’s Jive Together

If you want to take your digital customer experience to the next level, then Jive is for you.  Get in touch to discuss your options and possibilities.