360° Video: Post Production

Post Production: Stitching and Editing

There are many options for stitching 360° video together.  One of our favourites is produced by Immersive Media ( http://immersivemedia.com/?page_id=91 ). Their products allows for the stitching of the video to happen in real time.  It’s also integrated into AVID so that editing the content and stitching it is essentially one step. 

Be creative with your edits! Editing can be tough with the 360° experience but not impossible.  Use art of distraction and deception in transitions, as the sudden cuts can be glaring and disruptive if not thought through. 

Some other software options for stitching 360° video:

   PTGui – 360-degree videos Pro Personal License ($200)]

   Kolor – build mp4 files and jpeg stills (€189.00)]

   Video-Stitch – interactive videos [Beta (Free)]

At Current, we believe that 360° video for the sake of 360° video is a little boring and gimmicky.  We think the medium is begging to be used to tell a story, evoke emotions, and put the watcher in the experience. With strong production value, you enhance and you can dream.  For example, we colour-correct our 360° video using our DaVinci System to match the mood of the creative.  You can fool the brain into thinking it’s actually there with tactful editing.  We composite into our 360° video, to add effects, broadcast design and animation to make the experience more immersive.  The medium requires putting the creative minds of programmers and video editors together, as it is a collision of the traditional and the breaking-edge. 

In our next post we will discuss the options for delivering your 360° video.