Ad-Dispatch is Rebranding to Current

Ad-Dispatch, a North American leader in augmented reality and emergent technology, is rebranding to Current. The new name signifies an alignment between the company’s digital and traditional production divisions. 

Since 2008, Ad-Dispatch has operated two separate divisions, Current Studios a video and broadcast production house and Ad-Dispatch Augmented Reality, a digital experience shop. Newly branded Current merges the two divisions, reflecting the work and demand of the company’s clients. 

“Technology is erasing the lines between what is physical and digital, changing the fabric of how we experience and interact with the world around us.” Nathan Kroll President of Current says. “This collision course of traditional and new media presents awesome opportunities to those prepared to take advantage of it.”

The company’s portfolio includes notable brands including Home Depot, Loblaws, Marvel, NBA, Nickelodeon, Lego, Mazda, Toyota, Absolute Vodka, and Intel.

“We are problem solvers who believe that people are looking for remarkable experiences, not better technology. Our role is allow emergent technology and production to guide the experience and tell a story, not to interfere.” says Kroll.

Current’s combination of content creation, software development and traditional production make it the perfect partner for the creating stunning experiences that connect with people like never before.