Lighthouz Furniture Placement App

Buying furniture can be a daunting process. Will it fit in the room? Will it match the décor? What colour should I choose? Well, new Halifax-based Lighthouz furniture have worked to ease that stress with a mobile app that allows users to place perfectly scaled furniture in your space using augmented reality.

The user-friendly app encourages trial and reduces error, taking out the guess-work of buying furniture. The SLAM (Simultaneous Location and Mapping) technology allows for precise scaling of the furniture and offers the ability to explore the 3D models from all angles and distances.

If you still aren’t sure of the right choice, then ask for a second opinion. The app allows users to capture photos and videos of the furniture in your space to share on popular social media and hear what friends and followers have to say.

The app is one part of a three-pronged launch in tandem with the Lighthouz Online Store ( and the impressive 6000 square foot showroom located at 120 Troop Avenue in Burnside, which recently opened its doors to customers. Lighthouz strive to offer Maritimers the latest in designer furniture at reasonable prices.

Owner Denise Kroll says, “The online store lets people buy conveniently when they have the time. But, if seeing the furniture in person is important then they can visit our showroom. We have a great delivery system that can get our in-stock items to customers’ houses within a week.”

Lighthouz has three distinct furniture collections; the BUNGALOW collection takes it’s inspiration from 50′s and 60′s mid-century modern design, the LOFT collection is a European-inspired design featuring clean simple lines. The signature collection is ÉPOQUE – a new traditional. It is constructed with premium materials and offers comfort and design at a great value.

Download the App Here