Fuelled by Community


This August, Current Studios and Extreme Group hit the New Brunswick roads to help showcase the multitude of ways that Enbridge Gas New Brunswick (EGNB) gives back to their community.  Over the course of six shooting days sixteen people were interviewed in three cities that were either EGNB employees taking the time out of their workdays to help community-based organizations or people involved with these organizations that benefitted from the help of the EGNB family.


Armed with a Canon C300 and 7D, our small crew was able to stick to a tight schedule of interviews, but nimble enough to capture enough supporting footage for thirteen videos. It quickly became apparent that each story was unique in its own way, but the common thread was that EGNB is a tight-knit group of people that truly thrive off of giving back to the community around them. As expected when being interviewed for the first time on camera, many of the participants went into their interviews with some nervous energy, but whether interviewing in French or English, our director Marcel Gallant was able to shake the jitters out of them and have a genuine conversation about why they feel it is important to help out their community.

It was essential to capture supporting footage that really worked with each individual story. The team had some fun with this. They were given the opportunity to stage a live car fire scenario to capture footage for our video with Matt Comeau, a volunteer firefighter and EGNB employee. They also had to march through mosquito-infested wetlands for the video with Ducks Unlimited employee, Eric Morgan. It was especially heartwarming to see the team at the Fredericton Community Kitchen serving up lunch for Greg Black’s story about volunteering at the kitchen, washing dishes. Each story was a little different, which led to each day of the shoot supporting footage being a bit of a surprise.


The goal was to create a collection of videos that were cohesive in their message, but individually telling a different story.  It quickly became apparent that this wouldn’t be an impossible task once we heard how passionate each participant was about his or her personal experience.

Take a look at the whole compilation of videos now posted on Enbridge Gas New Brunswick’s community-based website. http://enbridgenbanswers.ca/community