Collision Course at Collide

Collide is a Creative Technology Conference held in Halifax each year in tandem with the Halifax Pop Explosion.  It's a time to look outside our own door, to take inspiration from others' work, and to learn/build upon our multiple fortes in the digital and experiential realm. Some Current team members were able to attend some of the sessions throughout the four-day symposium.  Since the majority of our clients in the digital space are in the United States or other Canadian cities, Collide is always a refreshing reminder that great things are happening right on our doorstep and there is a strong local community of people that are into the same cool stuff we are.

Of the sessions I attended, most of them were geared towards the design side of our industry. When I see projects that other people are working on that are truly captivating, well thought out, and for lack of a better word "beautiful", it lights a fire in my belly and always leaves me saying to myself and my colleagues; "we could do that".  

Some of the subjects being covered that really stood out for me were:

  • Designing for the Oculus - where is this thing going?
  • Designing for AR - sometimes it is good to hear a fresh perspective on your expertise
  • Wearables - and the "quantified self" 
  • Alternative ways to visualize data - data can be beautiful
  • Approaching every project as an artist - check out Leviathan, they do cool stuff.
  • Becoming Storytellers - not everyone can do it, can we?

The one talk that really got my cogs turning and spoke to me the most was "It All Starts with Art".  Jason White was the speaker.  He started Leviathan, a Chicago based shop who have done some really cool work in projection mapping, title sequences and experiential marketing. He told several anecdotes from his experience working with BMW, HBO and other clients big and small.  What I really appreciated was that not all of these were success stories.  He learned from doing, and from failing. He held true to his approach that all of their projects were pieces of art, and the amount of care and attention that an artist puts towards their craft can be applied to the industry we work in.  The results speak for themselves, as he shared some of the case studies from some of Leviathan's projects.

At Current we are in a privileged position to be breaking ground, to be blazing trails with new tech, and dictating where the industry is going.  To quote another speaker at the conference, Graham Rapsey, "We can be storytellers, we just have to give a $H1T". 

It is easy to put blinders on when you're immersed in your own innovative projects with big clients, but sometimes it takes stepping away, going to a conference like Collide and to simply listen to others' experiences in order to ignite a passion that drives you to want to keep making beautiful things.